About The Artist

Ivan resides on the doorstep of a UNESCO world heritage park in the beautiful southern-lakes region of New Zealand. As a second generation artist, Ivan started imitating his father at the easel.  When he was 11 he started selling his art without most being aware a child had painted them. His pastime soon became an enterprise as he grew up and learned the family trade of sign painting, illustration and commercial art.

Ivan is initially known for his powerful landscapes and impressionist works painted with Oil on Canvas but in more recent years Ivan has become well recognised for his Lonely Dog creation.

LONELY DOG was discovered while “doodling with a paint brush”. The inspiration flowed while wondering what his pet Pooch got up to when left behind as the family departed for their vacation.

Lonely Dog Art has now grown into an enormous art collection of over 200 artworks
The Art invites viewers on a journey into a truly eccentric and whimsical world and has caught the imagination of many. Ivan’s paintings are exhibited in his Queenstown Galleries as well as in the US and the UK.

Ivan has been represented through galleries in the UK, USA NZ and Autralia.

LONELY DOG Art is the most licensed art based brand to come out of New Zealand.

Off the beaten Track

Ivan regularly ventures into the untouched places immersing himself in the the dramatic landscape and the moods of changing light.