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Son of Hound

The hovering apple above Sir Edwin’s snout at first appears to sit on his snoz as ordinary apples do. But the Hound with red tie is no ordinary Hound, his destiny, nay calling, was to expose the faceless bowler-hat man as a charlatan.
It was only Sir Edwin that could levitate apples above tables and noses with the simple twitch of an eye.

Number in Edition: Edition of 485. 150 in three sizes plus 30 Artist Proofs.
Artist’s Proof – A/P: Masterwork – Artist Proof: Edition of 35 (1010 x 1350) $16,500 (Artist Proof is hand re-touched and textured)
Media: Lightfast giclee print on museum canvas
All prices in NZD



Welcome to the World of Lonely Dog