Jestering, Jiggering and Pipering is just some of the artful trickery celebrated at the Port Alveridge Strays and Losthounds convention.
Hector McSpree and the Harlequin had long held to the belief that two minstrels are better than one. Pipering is the Houndful art of leading small rodents to their doom, usually by drowning, to the dirge of whistle or Mandolin. In recent years Cats have outlawed rodent participation and studies now show there is a general low morale amongst the rodent communities with roadkills on the increase says reverend McVicar. Thanks to Hector and the Harlequin the faith lives on.

Number in Edition: Edition of 450 in 3 sizes. 35 Artist’s Proofs.
Artist’s Proof – A/P:  Edition of 35.
Media: Lightfast giclee print on museum canvas
All prices in NZD