Alveridge 500

Nicely timed, This annual event always seems to coincide with the Port Alveridge knitting championships where most good wives, moms and any other Bitches (anyone with heels) are kept preoccupied uptown at the Hillcrest stadium for this celebrated evening. Instead of popping Champaign at the podium, Terry was once again forced to wolf down thirty (gagged at twenty seven) of the sponsors meat pies to the loud chants of jealous bystanders. There have been many attempts but no one has yet been able to replicate Terry’s winning Alveridgean Mono-Scooter, first across the line now for five years running.

Number in Edition: 480 comprising 150 in each of three sizes plus 30 Artist’s Proofs
Artist’s Proof – A/P: (Hand rendered, re-touched and textured by brush)
Media: Fine-art limited edition Giclee on Museum Canvas – signed and numbered
All prices in NZD